How to join us

How to join us

Job Search

You already know that Covestro is a place where you can put your passions into practice. You’re familiar with our culture of innovation, you’re excited to be a part of a global team of experts and you’re motivated to make a difference.

Visit our Job Search Page to find a challenging position within the wide range of roles we offer, from working as an intern or trainee to technicians, skilled workers and managerial positions. When you find a job that matches your profile, make your move instantly by clicking the Apply button.

Interviewing at Covestro

If you pass our selection process, the recruitment team will contact you directly to set up an interview. Interviews may be conducted by phone, in person or as part of a full-day assessment, depending on the job in question.

The main purpose of the interview or assessment is for you and Covestro to get to know each other inside and out – so that we achieve a “perfect fit.” Our goal is to get to know you as an employee and as an individual. Both parties should be positive about the all-important questions: Can we work together and do we want to work together?

Be courageous. Prepare yourself, be on time and let us have a relaxed interview. Just be yourself and be open to talking about your goals and wishes. Don’t forget your experiences and achievements! Ask all the questions you want to get off your chest.

Excited? Ready to join the team? Ready to make the world a brighter place with us? Now you know what to do!