We are Covestro

Be the difference!

We produce real solutions for the real world. We are driven by the desire to grow. But we want to do it our way – with smart technologies and products we’re proud of, products that make our world better and benefit our society and the environment. Where others see limitations, we see opportunities. We welcome a challenge – the more complex and diverse, the better. “Been there, done that” doesn’t work for us. We value our relationships with our customers and employees – they’re what keeps us motivated to change continuously and to make the world a brighter place. Our promise: we will never settle down.

We are curious

At Covestro, we don’t believe in business as usual. “Been there – done that” doesn’t work for us. We welcome unconventional approaches and perspectives. We want you to explore your individual viewpoint.

We are proud of our past, but also extremely excited about our future. We are responsive to our environment and believe that speed and flexibility will give us an advantage over our competitors.

We are courageous

We develop products and ideas that benefit not only our customers, but the entire planet. What about you – are you brave enough to tackle the greatest challenges our society is facing?

The courage of our employees is the foundation for every successful product and every discovery made at Covestro. And because our courage is based on a foundation of knowledge and experience, we have the confidence to make bold decisions, overcome every obstacle, and face every challenge.

We are colorful

You see things differently? Good! We’re not looking for yes-men and yes-women. We encourage open discussions and promote a fruitful exchange of ideas throughout our entire organization.

At Covestro you’ll be part of a multicultural corporate culture – a culture that gainfully incorporates the diversity of ideas, experiences and perspectives of all our employees.

we are covestro

We want your personality and your passion. We foster your individual strengths and talents with dedicated development programs. You’ll also benefit from an environment where you can grow and reach your full potential.