Working at Covestro

No matter what stage of your career you are currently in, if you are passionate about bringing innovative materials to life, Covestro offers you an exciting range of careers at the forefront of scientific innovation. Start your adventure now. Learn about the many ways you can apply your skills to a fulfilling career at Covestro!

working at covestro

Diversity & Inclusion

Covestro is colorful. For us, diversity is the key to innovation and progress. Our multicultural company culture makes us what we are – and makes us strong.

We explore new ways and untrodden paths in our colorful and mixed international teams. Our work is infused with the strengths and talents, the experiences and perspectives of each and every individual.

It goes beyond the usual nondiscrimination policies to actively embrace diversity. Because there are many ways how an employee can contribute to the success of our business, we are also looking for employees with a wide variety of experiences. Diversity, different experiences and backgrounds will enrich Covestro with new perspectives, fresh ideas and true added value.

Remain curious – your entire (work) life

You lead the way. Work with us, grow with us, achieve your personal and professional goals and become part of the future generation of Covestro.

Become a peak performer. We provide you with the right tools for the job. A wide range of online, classroom, and on-the-job learning opportunities will empower you to execute Covestro’s strategy.