"Covestro MagicMaterial School” education program charms Hearing-Impaired Students

- Covestro pioneers science education for the hearing impaired - Covestro partners with Godot Theatre Company in playful magical teaching approach
The experiment of "The Secrets of Nanocarbon"

“Wow! I didn't know gratings looked like this! And we can have a light spectrum experitment with just a laser disc and a laser pen!” “Have you ever seen colorful milk dance?” These were some of the surprised reactions among the more than 200 hearing-impaired students from three special schools across Taiwan to the specially tailored, playful and creative science experiments that “Covestro’s MagicMaterial School” education program brought to them between June 2-7, 2017. In order to offer hearing-impaired students extra-curricular learning methods and to plant seeds of science in their young minds, Covestro tailored their established “Covestro’s MagicMaterial School” education program for students of the Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired, the Taichung Special Education School and the Affiliated Hearing Impaired School of the National University of Tainan. Under the exclusive advisory of Professor Steve Hsu, a prolific publisher on scientific games and professor at the Department of Science Education and Application, National Taichung University of Education, suitable scientific experiments were specially created to meet the needs of the students. In addition, the Godot Theatre Company directed the students in a science play. 

The special “Covestro MagicMaterial School” program conveyed concepts of energy-saving, environmental protection, protection of our planet and safety through the science play.  “We wanted to ignite the young students’ passion for science through “Covestro’s MagicMaterial School” science education program. We want to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals where quality education, equality and partnerships are important elements. With our activity we hope to encourage this group of special-needs children to embrace their numerous possibilities and to understand the role they can play in protecting our planet,” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan.

Professor Steve Hsu who immediately signed onto the task when asked for his help said: “I'm moved by the spirit with which Covestro translate their corporate social responsibility and their expertise into scientific education for children; it is the main reason why I have not hesitated in becoming the advisor for the creation of the special experiments.” The experiments of the Covestro MagicMaterial School included transforming every-day surrounding materials into new compounds and a journey to the “Chemistry Magic Kingdom” where students created a rainbow fountain or saw milk dancing.

The experiment of "Magic Slime"
“I was very moved by the fact that Covestro worked in close cooperation with the school in order to understand the special needs of our hearing-impaired students before making the necessary adjustments for the experiments,” added Principal Li-Jung Lin of the Taichung Special Education School for the Hearing Impaired.

The three schools are special education institutes in Taiwan established for students with moderate to severe hearing loss. Even though most of the children in this group can neither hear nor speak, teachers and students are just as passionate about science education as those in regular schools. To ensure that the students were attracted by the science education activity right from the begininng, Covestro partnered with the Godot Theatre Company to playfully embed the specially made experiements in a science theatre play.

“We chose the form of a theatre play on science as it is more suitable for children with hearing impairment. It gives them the benefit of learning through movement and gestures rather than speech,” said Principal Tzong-Ching Yeh of the Taipei School For Hearing Impaired. “I thought it was very valuable that Covestro managed to connect the three schools for the hearing-impaired through this scientific activity.” The Godot Theatre company casted a total of 11 students from the Taipei School For the Hearing Impaired and tought them in over 18 theater and dance lessons to free themselves from inhibitions and learn how to dance the science experiments. The student delegates then performed in all three schools for their peers.

“Visual stimulation is very important for hearing-impaired students; they are easily inspired by the wonders of science and materials when playing with science like in “Covestro’s MagicMaterial School”,” said Principal Sho-Ya Chen of the Affiliated Hearing Impaired School of National University of Tainan.

Supporting this special education campaign, Covestro client Megasafe Products Inc. provided professional eye protection glasses made from the high-performance plastic material polycarbonate. The “welding eyewear protectors” especially helped children with congenital amblyopia or Lazy Eye to protect their eye safety.

Covestro is grateful for renowned photographer Luke Huang’s interest in the activity and his willingness to document the science play and experiments in his photography.

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