Celebrating Grandparent Day in August

Collaborate with National Taiwan Science Education Center, Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp Registration Starts

  • Creating an exclusive memory for grandparents and grandchildren and inspiring a lifetime of enthusiasm for learning via inclusive class design.
  • Contribute to SDGs: Quality education, good health and well-being for people, and reduced inequality.
  • Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp becomes one of the avtivities as part of the Grandparents' Day series of National Taiwan Science Education Center in August.
  • Free online registration. Deadline: August 16, 2020

The August "Grandparents' Day"  was initiated by the Ministry of Education. Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp", an extension program of its renowned "MagicMaterial School" project, was established to encourage lifetime learning and shorten the gap between grandparents and grandchildren via the power of science. With the support of Professor Steve Hsu of the National Taichung University of Education and  National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC), the camp will take place on August 30 at NTSEC, with the theme "Grandma's Magical Kitchen". Free registration is now open and the deadline is  August 16, 2020. Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp is also one of the activities as part of the Grandparents' Day series of NTSEC.


Grandma's Magic Kitchen will explore various experiments in the kitchen, inviting children to get closer to the science that is hidden in daily life. For instance, through a food experiment on "bloated sugar pie" (peng tang), children can learn physical and chemical changes that may occur during the making of food. Other experiments with spiral curriculum learning design concept, includes baking soda rocket and colored liquid Jenga will be carried out as well.


In order to help the grandparents and grandchildren learn with ease and achieve the goal of bringing them closer to each other, all experiments are designed to be completed by a team of one grandparent and one grandchild. The activity book also shows image-based instructions with text for easier reading. In order to let the passion for learning science together be continued after the camp, extended experiments are also included in the activity book: a carbon dioxide lava lamp and a salt and water density Jenga tube.


“National Taiwan Science Education Center is committed to becoming a science institute for all ages,” says Hsuch-Yu Chen, the Center’s curator. “NTSEC has gained funding to upgrade both hardware and software facilities in recent years, hoping to reach the expectation of – ‘Science for all, play science and be in love with science’. The latest program that was updated this year ‘Fun in Tinkering’ is an innovative learning pattern, which meets the demands of lifelong learning. This series includes scribbling machines, wind tubes, and chain reactions completed by teaming together and other content sections. Through these programs that are both entertaining and educational, which can lead the elders to perceive and to learn the knowledge of science and making life more interesting.  This year, we are hoping to encourage grandparents and grandchildren to play and learn together via Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp, letting them communciate  with each other throughout the activities and put into practice, so as to create an age-free society for the upcoming generations.


“We saw the sparkle in the children’s eyes at the first grandparent-grandchild Science Camp that we held last year, especially when they discovered that their grandparents could complete experiments and learn science with them,” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan. “The camp is expected to encourage the elderly to embrace lifelong learning via fun activities, and hoping that the lively experiments can create strong bonds between the grandparents and grandchildren, stir up even more love, and ignite more intellectual and emotional sparks, as well as helping plant a passionate scientific seed in children.” To maximize the possible interaction between grandparents and grandchildren, parents are not allowed to join the "Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp".


“In a departure from traditional science education activities, Covestro pioneered the creation of the Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp. This cross-generational combination not only encourages the concept of lifelong learning, but also shortens the distance between children, elders and science. It can be said to be a big innovation on science education,” said Steve Hsu, Professor of the Department of Science Education and Application, National Taichung University of Education.


This event was also sponsored by the illustrator Zhen-Fu Chang, who has previously participated in Covestro’s Anti-graffiti Green Home CSR project.  “I hope my illustration can bring more laughter into this science camp and bring children, elders and science closer,” said Chang.


Thanks to the support from Professor Steve Hsu, NTSEC and illustrator Zhen-Fu Chang, "Covestro Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp" will be held on 30 August 2020 in NTSEC, and listed as one of the NTSEC Grandparents' Day activities series. This program is free of charge and will put families of low- and middle-income households in a higher priority if registration is completed in full. The deadline of the registration is August 16, 2020.


About the Covestro “MagicMaterial School”

Since 2014, the Covestro MagicMaterial School has been offering science education activities in rural areas, with the scope of the activities expanding to three schools for the hearing-impaired in 2017. Two further mainstream elementary schools joined in 2018, with the result that this STEM CSR turned into a D&I platform for both hearing-impaired students and children without hearing loss. The dynamic and interesting plays that were staged, together with the follow up STEM experiments, encouraged students to develop an interest in science as well as learning the importance of diversity and inclusion throughout the program design. In 2018, Covestro Taiwan further established the Covestro MagicMaterial School Science Club” at Taichung Special School for Students with Hearing Impairments, hoping to bring long-term resources to science education for the hearing-impaired. Professor Steve Hsu of Taichung Education University has also been a science and education consultant for Covestro since 2017, guiding and designing all of the science-related experiments for Covestro.



About the Covestro “Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp”

As ageing is a universal trend, Covestro established the “Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp” in 2019, with the expection of promoting lifetime learning and closing the gaps between grandparents and grandchildren. This is another D&I and STEM CSR initiative of Covestro Taiwan.



About the Covestro “Ocean Protection Storytelling Project”

Starting in 2017, on World Ocean Day, this project is based on the theme of prevention education, covering the topics of marine debris and waste management, and combining these with the 3R principle of "reduce, reuse, recycle", through Covestro’s copyrighted “Bright Minds for a Brighter World” bilingual picture book. The project received endorsements from various government bodies in Taiwan, including the Minister of Education, the Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration, the Director General of the Construction and Planning Agency, and the Director General of the Forestry Bureau. The project was also supported by National Parks and National Museums across Taiwan. In 2019, the picture book was turned into a bilingual app, featuring lots of interactive features, and it once ranked in the top 40 on the Apple Store.



About the Covestro “We Care” Project

Starting in 2012, the “We Care” project aims at solving the environmental problems that non-profit organizations face, by combining the use of Covestro's materials with the support of Covestro’s customers.