Exploring material applications in design

Covestro, Chris Lefteri Design jointly release color and materials trends reports

  • 2021/2022 CMF Trends brochures published in both automotive, and electronics, electrical & appliances industries
  • New Aesthetic Toolkits also unveiled to inspire designers
  • Integrating aesthetics and functionality to provide applicable materials solutions

As consumers are more engaged with product aesthetics, CMF (color, materials, and finish) becomes increasingly important in industrial fields. To explore and inspire creative ways to apply CMF in product designs, materials manufacturer Covestro has published two CMF trends brochures for the automotive and the electronics, electrical & appliances (EE&A) industries respectively, in collaboration with material-led design studio Chris Lefteri Design.

The reports were unveiled today at an event in Shanghai jointly held by Covestro and the German Design Council. Covestro is an international company member of the Council and a member of the German Design Council Foundation.

The brochures analyze upcoming CMF trends in color, pattern, and texture in the automotive and EE&A industries. As people care more about sustainability, such a trend is also embodied in design with an inclination towards nature. The brochures highlight materials with natural texture, aesthetics, and rich details, which deliver added comfort and relaxation. Polycarbonate, the versatile plastic that Covestro invented in 1953, has a high degree of flexibility to adapt to this CMF trend, and the materials solutions can achieve functionality while presenting creative visual effects, thus offering infinite inspiration.

“I am delighted to cooperate with such a manufacturer as trusted and influential as Covestro,” said Chris Lefteri, Head of Chris Lefteri Design and world-renowned leading authority on materials and their application in design. “Covestro has earned expertise in both industries and specializes in materials. This cooperation is a perfect opportunity for us to broaden our market scope and diversify how materials are applied in the design process.”

“As a leading material supplier, Covestro goes beyond providing material solutions,” said Christopher Stillings, Vice President, Global Head of Color & Design at Covestro’s Polycarbonates segment. “Through this cooperation with Chris, we look forward to inspiring more collaborators to create and realize aesthetic, efficient and inspiring designs, ultimately providing added value to our clients.”

At the same event in Shanghai, Covestro also released a set of Aesthetics Toolkits, aiming to inspire designers to develop new applications of polycarbonates through leveraging different possibilities in color and texture finishing combinations. The new toolkit, which contains a car-shaped bottom plate and pebble-sized inserts, covers 24 trendy colors, while incorporating a variety of textures and finishes. Designers can better grasp the properties of polycarbonate, and capture the visual effects of different combinations to effectively and efficiently facilitate the process from product design to launch.

With well-rounded capabilities from front-end trends research to back-end design applications, the CMF team at Covestro are experts in material processing technology, and are able to come up with solutions that are both of high aesthetic value and applicable to mass production. A collection of CMF solutions based on Covestro materials are already available through Covestro’s expertise on colorant application and processing technology.

Based in Covestro’s Asia-Pacific Innovation Center in Shanghai, the Covestro CMF team is a part of the “Open Innovation” initiative. The team can be reached via cmf-design@covestro.com for cooperation and partnerships. With a global network of color and design experts, Covestro can provide customers with a variety of CMF solutions across the globe.