First reproduction of colours of the RAL colour system in polycarbonates

Covestro cooperates with RAL to present trend colours of the RAL Colour Feeling 2021+ system

For the first time, Covestro has colored polycarbonate plastics in RAL colors. Here you can see samples in 15 trendy colors of the RAL Colour Feeling 2021+ matrix

The colour matrix RAL Colour Feeling 2021+ is an important guide to the colour trends that will determine the product, industrial and architectural design of the future. In cooperation with RAL, a leading provider of colour standards, Covestro has introduced 15 trendy colours of this matrix in its polycarbonate plastics. This is the first time the versatile plastic has been coloured in the colours of a RAL colour fan. The project is another example of Covestro's commitment to researching solutions for CMF design (Colour, Material, Finish).


RAL was founded in 1925 and introduced the first industrial colour standard, which became widely accepted as an accurate colour reference. As a provider of colour matching services, the company today offers comprehensive colour tools and solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors.


“As an internationally recognized colour matching system, RAL offers professional colour cards for industrial design applications that require the highest level of colour accuracy,” said Dr. Christopher Stillings, Vice President and Global Head of Colour & Design in the Polycarbonates segment of Covestro. “As one of the leading polycarbonate suppliers, Covestro is not only a pioneer in the research and development of material technologies, but also has strong colour and design teams worldwide. Our collaboration with RAL underlines the precision that our polycarbonate materials provide for colour matching.” 


“Through this collaboration, both partners offer designers a comprehensive colour and material approach. This gives designers broad support in winning new customers and creating surprising solutions for existing customers,” said Markus Frentrop, Global Head of RAL Colours.


Even the same colours in different materials lead to subtle changes in the visual experience. To ensure accurate and fast colour matching, Covestro's colour and design centers in Italy, Thailand, India and China worked together with RAL on solutions and completed the matching of the 15 trend colours within just one month. In September this year, Covestro used the RAL colour codes for the first time in the company's two CMF trend reports for the automotive as well as electronics and appliance industries.


Going forward, as part of its Open Innovation initiative, Covestro plans to explore opportunities to collaborate with global colour standards providers to provide additional CMF design and implementation solutions for polycarbonate materials. With these solutions, Covestro aims to inspire more partners to develop efficient, creative designs to ultimately deliver value to customers.


With a global network of colour and design experts, Covestro is able to offer its customers a variety of CMF solutions around the world.




RAL is the applied language of colours. The colour collections RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT together with the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus offer RAL's professional colour users a large selection of precise colour templates. The palette of RAL colours comprises a total of 2,528 colour tones. With colour cards, plastic standards and software products as well as colour design and trend books, the RAL products offer the ideal product for every design purpose.

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