Paying Tribute to Healthcare Professionals, Covestro Once Again Donates Protective Goggles to Taiwan

As the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak enters a crucial period in Taiwan, Covestro announced today that it will once again be to donating ten thousand protective goggles with indirect ventilation system and anti-fog lenses to the Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) who will help distribute the goggles to medical institutions in need across Taiwan. The total number of protective goggles donated by Covestro to Taiwan has now reached 20,000 pcs.


“I believe that everyone has been paying a lot of attention to the latest developments regarding coronavirus over the last two months, and that everyone deeply appreciates the courageous work of Taiwan’s medical teams. We hope that we can bring more protection to medical personnel through this donation,”said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan. Following the Government’s epidemic disease policy precautions, Covestro Taiwan has launched a work from home strategy for its Taipei office.”


The protective goggles that Covestro Taiwan has ordered are made by MEGASAFE Products, Inc. The first batch of goggles was delivered successfully last Tuesday and the second batch will be prepared and sent to CDC before the end of April.


Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Covestro has announced a ban on all international business travel till the end of June. Furthermore, in order to pratice the latest travel warnings and related prevention regulations from the CECC, Covestro Taiwan has not only commenced its home office policy, but is also using online conferences as much as possible and avoiding participating in external activities. Last but not least, the company has appealed to all of its employees to avoid traveling abroad.


Every single person counts in this precaution war. Let’s make our contribution and save Taiwan together!