Covestro launches app to educate on sustainability

German corporate Covestro, a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials, continues its efforts in the Asia-Pacific region to educate children on sustainability and responsible treatment of the environment. For that purpose the company published a mobile game called “Bright Minds for a Brighter World: The Adventures of Young Guardians” which is now available in App stores in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The app is based on a printed comic book developed and published by Covestro in 2016 which was called ‘The Adventures of Young Guardians’. In it, the reader follows three kids that witness the effect of littering on animals and nature and learn how to cope with it. Originating in Covestro Thailand, the comic quickly spread across the region and was distributed to tens of thousands of children since then. For the World Ocean Day 2019, the company put the story in a mobile game for the first time and launched it in Taiwan. Now it once again spreads across Asia.

“Responsible waste management is one of the great challenges of our time,” said Dr. Christian Haessler, Head of Sustainability at Covestro. “As a company, and as individuals, we must all be responsible for handling waste properly, treating it as a valuable raw material and helping guide the way to a more circular economy. By turning our comic book into a digital app full of interactions, we want to encourage younger generations to become ambassadors for sustainability by helping to promote a more sustainable life on our planet.”

Covestro already undertakes various measures across the APAC region with regards to sustainability, education and community engagement. The company for example cooperates with National Parks and museums in Taiwan, with governmental organizations and the education sector in Thailand, schools and universities in Mainland China or NGOs like the WWF in Hong Kong. In all these activities, Covestro and its partners also try to teach in a playful way what it means to lead a sustainable life. The goal: to make the children (and their parents) aware and help them to become ambassadors for a brighter world. The now published app is another cornerstone supplementing these endeavors.