Covestro Honored as 2021 CSR German Best Practice by German Trade Office Taipei

Following receiving the 2021 PR News Global CSR & Diversity Honorable Mention Award in June, Covestro Taiwan was once again selected by the German Trade Office Taipei (GTO) as the 2021 CSR best practice and was invited by the GTO to share the successful story of its CSR projects at the GTO 2021 CSR Report Press Conference today (9th July)


Covetro emphasizes CSR in four important fields: science, technology, engineering mathematic (STEM) CSR that deliver diversity, equality and inclusion values, environmental education CSR that leads children to notice the global challenges we are facing now, the “We Care” project that utilizes Covestro’s solutions to solve the environmental issues that non-profit organizations are facing, and campus forums to promote a sustainability mindset.


“We’re impressed how Covestro uses science as a bridge to deliver diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) values,” said Axel Limberg, Chief Representative and Executive Director of the GTO. “In Taiwan, over 250 German companies are playing a vital role in the economic and social environment. We are also delighted to see how Covestro is going to work with another German company, wpd Energy Taiwan, for environmental education.”


“Covestro is honored to be selected as Best CSR Practice by the GTO once again. We believe that diversity, inclusion, harmony and sustainable development are what constitutes a promising future for both society and our children,” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan. “And we hope to contribute to protect our earth via our environmental education program to raise waste management awareness. There should be no real waste, only resources being put in the wrong places; plastics should be reused and recycled again.” Renee Chen, Head of Communications of Covestro Taiwan,  represents the company to present at the GTO CSR press conference today.


Chemistry Lights Up Diversity – Science Education for Children

With diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of Covestro’s working culture, Covestro has developed two CSR initiatives from these concepts: the first series, the “MagicMaterial School”, which is designed for hearing impaired students, aims to ignite children’s curiosity in science, and to lead children to respect others through realizing that everyone has unlimited possibilities. The second inititative is the 2021 PR News Global CSR & Diversity Honorable Mention Award winner, the “Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp”, a project which aims to shorten the distance between grandparents and grandchildren, as well as to encourage lifelong learning. Both the initiatives combine the company’s expertise in science, and a total of 1,403 people have been assisted by 270 volunteers in the past six years.


Storytelling Project to Help Children Understand What Happened to Our Earth

Through an easy and interesting environmental story-telling project, starting from 2017, Covestro has cooperated with National Parks and National Museums to plant the seeds of caring in children’s hearts. In 2019, Covestro Taiwan further digitalized the Covestro Thailand copyrighted picture book into a bilingual interactive app; the app was then further localized and launched in Thailand, Hong Kong and China Mainland in 2020. Combined with efforts from its partners, this project has reached more than 37,219 children and received over 2,200 students’ written commitments to the earth from more than 130 schools across Taiwan in four years. On World Environment Day, wpd Energy Taiwan also joined this program as Covestro’s first enterprise partner. This project also won first prize in the Corporate Responsibility Award of the APAC Excellence Awards 2018.


Sponsor Green Chemistry Competition – for High-School students

In order to deepen the concept of green chemistry design among high-school students in Taiwan, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Executive Yuan are jointly hosting the “2020 High School Green Chemistry Creativity Competition”. The program is designed for senior high-school students. In addition to the various awards originally scheduled for the competition, a special award was provided by Covestro Taiwan based on how the students established the concepts of safety, environmental protection, and sustainability in various experiments. The award-winning team was announced in March 2021, which is the team from Tainan First Senior High School, and the team will be offered subsidies for overseas travel in attending green-chemical related forums by Covestro. 2021 Award info:


Encourage Youth to Think and Live Sustainably via Campus Forums

In order to promote the concept of sustainability and a circular economy, Covestro launched the campus forums in 2017, and invited the former Covestro CEO Patrick Thomas, and Bertrand Piccard, the initiator and founder of Solar Impulse which flew around the earth without a single drop of fuel, as speakers. With these campus forums through the years, Covestro expects to encourage students to think and live sustainably and build a bright and sustainable future for the world.


“We Care” Project

Starting in 2012, the “We Care” project is aimed at solving the environmental problems that non-profit organizations face with the combined efforts of Covestro’s materials solutions with the support of Covestro’s customers. For example, when coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was spreading widely, Covestro Taiwan donated 20,000 protective goggles with an indirect ventilation system and anti-fog lenses to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hoping to bring more professional protection to the medical personnel on the front line.


The 2021 GTO CSR Report can be downloaded here