Covestro MagicMaterial eSchool is now online !

Due to the pandemic, Covestro’s project with the theme of “Grandpa's Secret Garden” for its “Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp” was cancelled this summer.  However, after two months of effort, the company has finally put all experiments from the previous MagicMaterial School and Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp online.  With nearly 20 experiments, it allows grandparents and grandchildren to learn and play with science safely at home with the assistance of their parents.

For a long time, when we talked about “science”, it was only understood from the perspective of disciplines, which not only underestimates its depth and breadth, but also limits children’s curiosity and exploration of science. The truth is, “scientific phenomena” are actually omnipresent: for example, the kitchen where we make delicious dishes is a place full of chemical and physical reactions. In order to get rid of the traditional thinking mode from textbooks and bridge the gap between life and science, Covestro launched the “MagicMaterial School”, a series of science education activities, in 2014. With easy, safe and playful experiments, the company expects to motivate kids to learn about science, discovering the theories behind each scientific phenomenon in daily life.

Cooperating with Professor Liang-Rong Hsu from the Department of Science Education and Application of National Taichung University of Education in Taiwan, who has also been a science education consultant for Covestro, the company has created the “Covestro MagicMaterial School Online Lab”. It changes the traditional learning environment and materials, with children aged six to twelve as our target group. With a clear and simple style to make the three categories of experiments that were previously found in “Covestro MagicMaterial” into online materials, including “Magical Creatures: Create your own pet”, “Magic Pharmacy: Formulate potions with magical power” and “Deformation: Hide and seek”, guiding children to explore the “How” and “Why” of science.

“In order to let adults and children across Taiwan learn and play with science safely at home, we’ve collected all the popular experiments we had before in the MagicMaterial School and Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp under our corporate website,” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan. 
“ We hope to arouse children’s curiosity about science, shorten family distance, encourage elders to learn for life, and simultaneously create opportunities for grandparents and grandchildren to learn together, via the supervision of their parents to ensure experiments are conducted safely. Special thanks also to Professor Liang-Rong Hsu from Taichung University of Education, for working with Covestro for a long time to contribute to science education regardless of age and ethnicity! ”

Covestro Science Consultant, Professor Liang-Rong Hsu also stated why he would like to act as Covestro science education consultant for free. Professor Hsu also had this message for children: “if you are already very interested in science, I will be glad to tell you that you will have a broader horizon in the future. For children who have not yet been exposed to science, I will encourage you to pay more attention to the things around you in your life and ask questions, such as why does the rainbow have seven colors? Why does the bubble burst? Why does the magnet have magnetism? As long as you always have curiosity and the courage to experience the content of different fields, you can become a little scientist!”

The aim of science education isn’t to only to cultivate future scientists, but also to cultivate citizens with basic scientific literacy who can adapt to the future of a technological society. Through the “Covestro MagicMaterial School Online Lab”, we hope to lead children into "scientific thinking mode", and to gradually develop the ability to discover, think, and solve problems.

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