EcoMobility Lights Up the Future of Transportation

Covestro Receives an Innovation Award for its EcoMobility Solution from the Mayor of Taoyuan City

  • Covestro was the only keynote speaker from the industry at the 2021 Smart City Forum
  • Covestro’s EcoMobility Solution, with its successful customer case study, has been included in the Global Smart Solution Report 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how fragile or resilient transportation systems can be, and it has also highlighted opportunities for as well as challenges to growth. We can see this critical situation as a chance to develop a brand new solution in order to re-imagine our streets, neighborhoods, and lifestyles. The EcoMobility concept of prioritizing sustainable transportation, preserving the environment and social inclusion has never been as relevant. Indeed, the Sustainable City Forum has received positive worldwide feedback every year, since its first meeting in 2017. Covestro Taiwan is honored  to act as the only speaker  from industry at the forum, and to receive Innovation Awards with its EcoMobility solution from the local government, as a result of its wide range of plastics engineering solutions. The accompanying report will be distributed globally, via the channels of the City Government, the Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE), the International Climate Development Institute (ICDI), the ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center (ICLEI KCC), and the Low Carbon Initiative that was started by the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT LCI).


“As the city with the highest industrial output value in Taiwan, Taoyuan not only pursues economic growth, but also pays attention to the balance between industry and environment, society and governance. We are committed to building in accordance with the principles of a ‘friendly, sustainable, and happy city’, as our sustainable development vision for Taoyuan City. We look forward to seeing cooperation between different private sectors in order to implement the goal of establishing a sustainable city,” said Cheng Wen-tsan, the Mayor of Taoyuan.


“EcoMobility works in the field of transportation all over the world. Covestro is committed to making the circular economy a model for a truly sustainable world. We’re greatly honored to receive this award, and we will continue to stimulate more innovative solutions,” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan.


Innovative materials play a key role in the future of transportation

Mobility is a significant issue that has shaped the way that we navigate cities. As such, cycling and its related activities, such as bike-sharing and other new mobility trends, are proving to be ideal solutions for tackling the challenge. With a view to reducing waste and saving energy, Covestro has cooperated with its partner Air Fom, using “advanced particle foam material” technologies to invent airless tire inserts with expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU). This groundbreaking solution has been successfully used by bike-sharing operators in Amsterdam and in Brussels, providing cyclists with non-stop cycling fun, as well as a more sustainable option.


“The concept of Air Fom is to allow cyclists who use bikes every day to never have to worry about the threat of flat tires, pressure maintenance, or vandalism,” said Mark Peterman, the Founder of Air Fom. “The use of Covestro’s TPU materials has been the key to realizing this concept. With Covestro’s hi-tech TPU materials, we can make an airless system that is affordable, fast rolling, lightweight, highly durable, and fully recyclable.”

Furthermore, Covestro also offers a wide range of advanced engineering plastics, including polyurethanes, polycarbonates, and their derivatives, in order to greatly reduce the weight and facilitate the development of electric vehicles, giving drivers a cozy and trendy experience, with a seamless design. The coatings, adhesives, and other specialty solutions can also lower the amount of VOC emissions and save water during the manufacturing process.


At the same time, due to the multitude of suppliers in the automotive sector, and the inherent complexity of its supply chains, Covestro has also collaborated with Porsche and Circularise in order to enable the traceability of plastics by using block chains to help car manufacturers and end consumers pursue sustainability.


While it is impossible to predict the future, and the situation is constantly evolving, the pandemic has nonetheless created a new awareness of how we move from place to place. However, Covestro believes that pursuing integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally friendly mobility will be the way forward. As such, the company will continue to work on new developments in the field of EcoMobility, in order to make the world a brighter place.