PR News CSR & Diversity Award

Covestro Grandparent-grandchild science camp is in the Finals for the Global CSR & Diversity Awards

CSR Diversity Award Finalists (Resource from US-based PR News)
  • Nominated with globally-known NGO in the “Shoestring Budget” category award
  • The only project from Taiwan that is a finalist in any category
  • The winner will be announced on April 27th

Covestro Taiwan announced today that its Grandparent-grandchild science camp is in the finals of the distinguished US-based PR News Global CSR & Diversity Awards in the “Shoestring Budget” category. The finalists for the 2021 award have just been released, and, in addition to Covestro, 4 other NGO or companies like UN Foundation are also in the finals in the “Shoestring Budget” category. According to PR News, Covestro Taiwan was nominated because the esteemed panel, upholding diversity, equality, inclusivity, and social expertise, felt the Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp was inspiring, innovative, and deserving of industry-wide recognition for its impact on the global community. The Ministor of Education of Taiwan also praised the project when Covestro’s Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp was first held in Taiwan in 2019. The winner of the award will be announced on April 27th. Covestro’s “Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp” is the only Taiwanese project to have been named a finalist, regardless of the categories for the awards this year.


With diversity and inclusion at the heart of Covestro’s working culture, Covestro Taiwan has developed various CSR programs that combine the company’s values with its expertise in science, aiming to enable children to learn, respect, and understand the importance of diversity and inclusion via the magic of a fun science program. The company has developed two CSR initiatives from this concept: the first series, which is designed to reduce inequality for hearing-impaired children, is the annual “MagicMaterial School, providing a stage for hearing-impaired students to shine, and witnessed by children both with and without disabilities;  the second one is the project that was nominated this time around, the “Grandparent-grandchild Science Camp”, a project which aims to shorten the distance between grandparents and grandchildren, as well as encourage lifelong learning.  The partners of the nominated program include Professor Steve Hsu of the National Taichung University of Education who designed the program with Covestro Taiwan, the National Taiwan Science Education Center, the National Science and Technology Museum, the Changhua Youth and Child Welfare Service Center, and illustrator Chang Zhen-Fu.


At the Science Camp, we saw that children’s eyes would glow with pride upon realizing that their grandparents could actually learn about science, play, and conduct experiments with them,” said Renee Chen, Head of Communications of at Covestro Taiwan. “And that is the moment when all of the hard work pays offThe passion and devotion shown by Covestro Taiwan’s volunteers is what makes these events successful.”


“It was my pleasure to work on the Science Camp with Covestro,” said Professor Steve Hsu of the National Taichung University of Education. “I was touched by the smiles and happiness shown by the grandparents and grandchildren after the events as well.” Covestro’s Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp was initiated in 2019 and, beginning in 2020, students from the National Taichung University have been joining Covestro as volunteers at the events, making the program not only CSR but also USR.


The National Taiwan Science Education Center is committed to becoming a science institute for all ages,” said Huoo-Chin Liu, Director of the Center. The NTSEC has gained funding to upgrade both its hardware and software facilities in recent years, and hopes to reach its goal: ‘Science for all, science for play, science for love’. We are glad to have partnered with Covestro in 2020,  encouraging grandparents and grandchildren to play and learn together, letting them communicate with each other through the activities, and putting this into practice so as to create an age-free society for future generations.


“It isn’t easy to magically turn children into future scientists through one event alone. But there’s a real possibility of changing attitudes in D&I and impacting entire lives if children are given the chance to take part and explore things for themselves at these events,” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan. “By planting the seeds of hope, we have witnessed the  children’s passion as well as a change in their perspectives. We believe that diversity, inclusion, harmony, and sustainable development are what constitutes a promising future for both society and our children.


Finalists of the 2021 PR News CSR & Diversity Awards: