A fruitful result from cultivating science in the minds of hearing-impaired students, from Covestro

Hearing-Impaired Children Lead their Parents into the World of Science

Flipped Education, with children as teachers and parents as students, invites parents to witness children’s growth together.


  • Flipped Education, with children as teachers and parents as students, invites parents to witness children’s growth together.
  • Parents wear noise-canceling headphones to experience how their children live and learn daily with hearing aids.
  • The science camps were held on the School Anniversary of the Taipei School, and on the Mother's Day Event at Taichung and Tainan schools.
  • The total number of participants was about 200.


“I look forward to making all the science experiments into gifts to my mom on Mother's Day! I am so excited that now I can be the teacher for Mom and Dad!” said Long-Cheng Wang, a third-grade student at the Affiliated School for Students with Hearing Impairments at the National University of Tainan (TNDSH).


In order to encourage hearing-impaired children to step forward for themselves, Covestro cooperated with all three hearing-impaired schools in Taiwan. Also, with the help of Professor Liang-Rong Hsu of the National Taichung University of Education, Professor Wang-Long Li of the National Cheng Kung University and science column writer Jau-Fang Shiu, Covestro not only established science clubs in the schools, but also encouraged children from the clubs to lead a Parent-Child Science Camp in the campus without additional help from others at the events -  children working as teachers and parents learning as students. This allows parents to witness the growth of their children, while students who have not yet joined the club can get interested in science, and children who are from the club can be more confident in themselves after conducting the camp. Covestro also invites parents to wear noise-canceling headphones to mimic how their children live and learn. The Parent-Child Science Camp was successfully completed in early May. A total of 31 children from the Covestro Science Club acted as science teachers and nearly 170 participants were taught in the events.

The club in Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired (TMD), which is mainly composed of junior and senior high school students, led a more challenging experiment - "flipping light box".  This experiment is based on the switch concept of household appliances, which also incorporates the knowledge of circuits and conductors. Children guided parents to make the flip switches,
combined with cross-domain creation of light box painting. “It’s really interesting to teach dad doing experiments and the science club brought fun to my life! ”said Shi-De You, a ninth grader student at TMD. “My child is usually less self-confident. I had never expected that one day he would be able to teach me and others to do experiments with such confidence. I was so touched to see his progress,” said Shi-De’s dad.  “The arrangement of noise-cancelling headphones is very considerate. After the event, not only did I experience the world of his, but also understand why hearing-impaired children sometimes felt uncomfortable with a hearing-aid.”


Throughout the Parent-Child Science Camp, lots of the parents were observed taking pictures or recording videos of their (children) “teachers” with pride and gratitude.


“This is the fourth year of our partnership with Covestro and the National Taichung University of Education for the science club. Thanks to Covestro for bringing students to a new attitude and making them be seen and heard. The arrangement of this Parent-Child Science Camp brought achievements and self-confidence to the children. Compared with the traditional way that education is delivered, the design of this camp can be said to be a flip education.” said Jing-Ru Wang, the Principle of the Taichung Special School for Students with Hearing Impairments (TSSHI).


The experiments that TSSHI presented were called Bouncing Bubbles and 3D Magic Pattern. A fifth grader student You-Ying Chen and an eighth grader student Xiao-Ying Chen, demonstrated these experiments respectively on the stage with full confidence, just like a professonal teacher.  The two students led up to 80 people, including teachers, students and parents in performing the experiments. The remaining seven children of the club played the role of teacher assistants, constantly running around the room to help and guide people in need. Seeing that the children who lacked self-confidence when they first joined the club could now act as teachers, “As the President, I'm proud of you all!” added the Principal of TSSHI with touch-tone.


TNDSH is the only school whose science club members are all from elementary school.  Its Parent-Child Science Camp was held during the school’s Mother’s Day event on May 7. There are a total of 14 students in the club: three to four children were responsible for each series of experiments, and a total of four series of experiments took place. Several experiments were included in each series: for example, the Flying Knight series included the three different experiments of Straw Plane, Aerial Spinning Top and Sky Knight. The other series were called Surface Tension, Bubble World and Non-Newtonian Fluid. These 14 students led all the elementary children and their parents through an unforgettable Mother's Day. The Non-Newtonian Fluid on water experiment surprised everyone. The teachers of the school’s kindergarten also learned and used the same experiment series to bring parents and children there to play science together. This also realized another goal of Covestro, to help cultivate science teachers through the establishment of the Science Club.


 “I always share with my mother what I had learned each time after a course”, said Pei-Xuan Zhou, a third-grade student at TNDSH. “I want to say thank you to the club teachers for teaching us so many experiments and making me love science.” said Ya-Qin Zhu, a fifth-grade student at the school.


“Education often requires the cooperation and understanding of both school and family in order to maximize its effectiveness. Covestro hopes through such an interactive Parent-Child Science Camp to make both children and parents be more confident and feel more mutual support with more understanding, so that children can show a multiplier learning effect.” said Michael Lee, Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan.


About the Covestro “MagicMaterial School”

Everyone should be treated with equal respect. Covestro aims to foster a passion for science in every student’s heart, through the magic of a fun science programme, as well as to enable children to learn to respect each other, to express empathy and compassion, and to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. Two series of CSR initiatives have been developed using this concept, starting in 2014 and 2019, respectively. The first series, which is designed to reduce inequality for hearing-impaired children, involves the annual “MagicMaterial School” and “Covestro Science Club”, which run throughout the semester and are officially listed as optional lessons. The second is the “Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp”, which aims to reduce the distance between grandparents and grandchildren, as well as encourage lifelong learning. Both series draw upon the company's expertise in science. A total of 1,302 people have been assisted by 291 volunteers over the past six years. The “Grandparent-Grandchild Science Camp” also received an Honorable Mention at the 2021 CSR and Diversity Awards by PR News.