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Production sites

There are two major production sites in Covestro Taiwan, one is located in Linyuan, which produces polyether polyols (PET), and another is located in Changhua, which produces thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). In addition to these sites, there is an integrated site located in Shanghai, China, which provides quality products and services for the customers of the Asia-Pacific region.

Covestro Taiwan Linyuan Site

The Linyuan plant, located in the Linyuan Petrochemical Complex in Kaohsiung City produces polyether polyols (PET) and formulated PET with shipping and supports other functions at the site.

The products of Linyuan are commonly used for furniture, automotive, construction, electronics and other areas.

Covestro Taiwan Changhua Site

In addition to being the major Asian TPU production site, the Covestro Taiwan Changhua site is also the largest production site in Asia and has a TPU Research and Development center.

Desmopan® and Utechllan® are the plant’s famous brands of TPU. The applications are as follows´╝ÜShoe soles/ shoe parts & accessories, mechanical parts, sheet & film, tubing & hose, others.

Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai

Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai

The Covestro Integrated Site Shanghai (CISS) is located in Shanghai. It is the largest investment and the largest production sites outside of Germany, which provides better products and services for the Asia-Pacific region.

The facility produces high-grade polycarbonate, polyurethane raw materials, and coating, adhesive, specialty chemical raw materials that are commonly used in construction, electronics, wood and furniture, and automotive sectors.